do i really need of space on either side of my

Tiny house? McMansion? How much space a person really needs

Feb 17 2017"My sister and I shared a double bed and I remember us accusing each other of being on the other one's side [and] lots of arguments about where the center of the bed was '' While some of her siblings perhaps in response to the experience now live in homes of more than 4 500 square feet Svendsen and her husband raised three children

How To Calculate The Best Dining Table Size For Your Room

PAROTAS on 5 November 2018 at 7:51 pm In terms of space you can fit either 36″ or 42″ but your decision might be swayed by: 1 The size or style of chair you have – if you have large chairs opt for the smaller table size to give your guests more room to pull out their chair

How to Give Him Space The Right Way

There is no downside here That's the perspective you need to take Not a perspective that says "I won't be able to go on unless he's by my side " If you give him space and follow the advice in this article and he doesn't come back then there really was nothing more you could have done

Ideas + Solutions for the Wall Behind the TV

Sep 09 2013I have no idea what to do with all the extra space on either side of the wall My style I would say is old world electic traditional Could you please offer suggestions I'm also confused if both sides need the same exact item hanging on the wall Could I do a decorative mirror on one side and a collage of artwork on the other

10 Key Dimensions to Know for the Perfect Bedroom Layout

Apr 20 2017Where space is extremely restricted a fold-up bed can provide a great space-saving solution and make every centimetre of your room work hard You'll need to take into account the dimensions of the bed both when folded away and when in use and whether the design opens out from the side or from the head of the bed

How much wardrobe space do you have?

We both each have 3 doors of wardrobe/hanging space and 5 wide drawers I really need to have a sort out as the are jammed full and I only wear about half the stuff It is all my clothes though I don't put away my summer stuff in winter etc DH has shirts in his that haven't seen daylight in 5 years

Kitchen design style tips only the Pros know!

My layout is very similar to the 2nd photo where it is pointed out that cabinets on either side of a window should match in size and spacing from window I have one 21″ cabinet on right side of a window and on the left I need to line up the outer edge of wall cabinets with the outer edge of

Recommended clearance to install my Front

Dimensions and clearances The following guidelines will help you determine if your wahser fits in the space you have available We recommend at least 25 mm (1 inch) of clearance on all sides 150 mm (5 9 inches) of clearance at the back 50 mm (2 inch) of clearance at

9 Rules For Arranging Your Living Room

Dec 11 2013Side tables or end tables very often hold table lamps and decor so their size will depend on how many items you need to place on the surface plus how much room you actually have in the space Place them on the ends of a sofa or side chair and allow enough room for pass-through

Which cupboards need end panels?

Mar 14 2014Hi Mike yes we do advise that fillers are used either side of a free standing cooker I would recommend using door material filler panels The plinth is not edged down the long sides so wouldn't be a suitable product to use as a filler You don't need to leave a gap either side

How much space/clearance is needed around a toilet? Making

Jan 19 2012Sat on ours and imagined taking 50mm of each side and no problem - Mind you we are not big folk For me if it came to a decision between no bath or a toilet with 700mm space I would definitely go for having a bath We do not use it a lot but could not live in a house without one and think it would reduce resale value if you did not have one

Shower Door Questions: Answered

What is a shower sweep and do I need one for my frameless glass shower? When your frameless swing or pivot shower door is installed we need to leave clearance space between the bottom of the door and the floor so that the door can swing open without scraping tile A water sweep is used to prevent water leaking through that clearance space

Ideas + Solutions for the Wall Behind the TV

Sep 09 2013I have no idea what to do with all the extra space on either side of the wall My style I would say is old world electic traditional Could you please offer suggestions I'm also confused if both sides need the same exact item hanging on the wall Could I do a decorative mirror on one side and a collage of artwork on the other

How Much Walking Space Is Required Around a Kitchen Island

Aug 23 2012Most small kitchens with U- or L-shape layouts can accomodate an island writes Better Homes Gardens But the key metric to keep in mind is that the walk space around the island should be at least 36 inches wide So a long island might not be in your future but you might be able to swing a small square version as long as you have enough walking space!

A Simple Way To Cover The Space Between My Stove

Jan 04 2011Q: My stove does not fill the entire space between countertops Any simple way to cover the space to avoid spills on the hard-to-reach floor? The open space on either side of my new stove is approximately 3 inches I'm not interested in building a narrow custom-made storage space for trays etc

Large Windows And How To Decorate Around Them

Dec 31 2013Despite the abundance of natural light and the airy feeling they give your space however your windows may have proven challenging as you try to figure out what to well do with such large specimens And the wonderful albeit confusing thing is: there's no one thing to do with large windows There are hundreds even thousands of ways to

Which windows do I put shutters on?

Jul 04 2017I agree with Misssueellen do not put shutters on that large window! Shutters should look like they can close and cover the window I recently put new shutters on the front of my Cape Cod style house and added shutters to the downstairs side windows since they are easily visible from the street

Does My Furniture Have to Match?

Nov 02 2012"Matching" furniture is a thing of the past In decades gone by the traditional thing to do was to purchase a furniture suite of matching pieces For example buying a bed two matching side tables and a matching dresser – all in the same color and finish all with the same look

How much space needed at sides of freestanding fridge

The minimum space for ventilation around your fridge should be 2cm on either side and 5cm at the back and top Ensure you can pull the fridge out if you need to at any time so leave enough space for your fingers to fit to ease it out Also ensure you have enough clearance to be able to open the fridge door at a 90 angle and that you can

General List of Minimum Clearance Requirements

0 inches on side 4 inches front and rear (allows adequate space for venting) 52 inch minimum space from floor to ceiling or overhead cabinets Countertop Microwaves: 3 inches on each side 3 inches on the top 1 inch in the rear Note: In cabinet installation for countertop microwaves is not recommended without the use of a built in kit

Extra space on the right side of my document?

Jun 27 2014What you are seeing is called the Markup Area It appears because the document contains Tracked Changes and/or Comments with the preference set to display them in Balloons Additionally on the Review tab the viewing option is set for either Final or Original Showing Markup That combination also causes the Print dialog to default to the Document Showing Markup option

3 Lighting Setups for Photographing Headshots

You can either use one light fired at the background from just behind the subject or two lights off to either side The white background is my favorite look these days for a lot of reasons I think it looks super bright modern and happy and really pops on LinkedIn and other online profiles

Advice on bifold door width / space left over either side

Oct 19 2016Also do you have a view on the amount of wall typically left over either side of the bifolds (in terms of how it looks not construction feasibility) - the wall is 5m in total so the 3 6m wide bifolds would have 70cm left over on each side and the 4 0m wide bifolds would have 50cm left on each side

MS Edge Pinning Favorites Bar on Right Hand Side of

Jul 07 2020I now find that when I open my Favorites I am unable to pin my Favorites to the right hand side of my screen as I used to be able to do with the old browser This change is VERY inconvenient for me and it does not work for me to have the list of my Favorites running across the top of my screen just below the browser bar and thus having the

The Ultimate Guide To Fireplace Mantel Decorating

Feb 17 2019Left side has small built-in book case on upper half center is fireplace and mirror right side is all mirror Right now I have matching decorative vases teetering on each end of the mantel Its really a lovely wall but screaming for something on the mantel IMO